About us

We are U.S.F.V. Jungle-Speed, the floorball association for Utrecht students! We are a small-scale association that stands for fun and sportsmanship. We train at Olympos every Monday and Thursday evening, but we also participate in the national competition and various tournaments. Are you looking for a nice group of friends who play a great sport together? Send an email and come try out a training!

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We train every Monday and Thursday evening at Olympos. On Mondays we train for one and a half hours mixed, with small and large fields alternating each week. On Thursday get training from our trainer Erik, and the focus is on our large field teams. This training is three hours long, with the first hour being optional, during which we practice technique at a leisurely pace, the second hour is for tactics, and the last hour is to play games. As a new person you can train three times for free, and you’re welcome at every training. Please send an email to bestuur@jungle-speed.nl!


We participate in the national competitions of the NeFUB (Dutch Floorball and Unihockey Bond); a women’s and men’s team in the big field competition (all year round, 14 games on Saturday), and two teams for the small field competition (half year, 3 days on Sunday). On match days we try to cheer for each other’s matches, and usually we end such a day with a drink, dinner, and sometimes a small party.

Our teams are mainly intended for fun to play in, so you can quickly join a team. Floorball is quite easy to pick up, so before you know it you’ll be playing along. The men’s team plays in the 1st division, and the ladies have become champions in the 1st division this year, and are promoted to the premier league! In addition, our small field teams play in divisions C and F. As a new member, we recommend that you participate in the small field competition, which is very pleasant, accessible, and so you can play matches as quickly as possible!


There are a number of fun tournaments that we participate in throughout the year. You have the ISSTT, a two-day tournament in Enschede, and 7eck Arosa, a two-day small field tournament in Arosa, Switzerland. We also organize tournaments ourselves: the famous friends tournament with its coveted challenge cup, and the UIT tournament, especially for UIT-goers!