Want to join?

You can train three times for free! The only thing you will need is indoor shoes and sports clothing. Let us know if you want to come by by sending an email to bestuur@jungle-speed.nl.

Training times
*) 17:30-18:30 extra exercises

After that you can decide whether you want to become a member. As a member you can come and train twice a week and you can participate in the national floorball mixed (small field) and/or large field competition. Moreover, you can participate in all activities that are organized by our association in addition to floorball.

Members must purchase an Olympas themselves at the Olympos sports center. This pass is mandatory for all students who want to play sports at Olympos. After purchasing this sports card you must register it with USFV Jungle-Speed through Olympos’s web site. For more information about the Olympas, we refer to the Olympos web site.