What is Floorball?

Floorball is one of the fastest sports in the Netherlands. Take lightweight plastic material, a sports hall with boarding, simple rules, a bench full of substitutes and you have floorball: the fastest team sport in the world. It’s like ice hockey, but in the hall – see for yourself:

Floorball and unihockey are the same sport. Unihockey is the name that was used a lot in the past. Now the name unihockey is mainly used in Germany and Switzerland. In the Netherlands we speak of Floorball. Although many floorball rules come from ice hockey, you play floorball in a gym, with sneakers, plastic sticks and a soft plastic ‘hole’ ball. Floorball has few rules. As a result, everyone can pick up the game very easily.

Floorball is originally from Sweden, but is now busy conquering all of Europe. Floorball is now in the top 10 of most popular sports in Sweden, Finland, the Czech Republic and Switzerland. Today, more than 1200 people play floorball in the Netherlands.

A floorball team consists of five field players and a goalkeeper. Floorball is played with men’s teams, women’s teams, but sometimes also mixed. A team usually has a large stock of reserve players, who are allowed to switch continuously. Thanks to the boarding and the simple rules, there are few interruptions. That’s why a match of floorball is very dynamic and a great way to release your energy. The keeper is especially unique: he sits on his knees and does not have a stick. This way he can shield the goal well and catch the ball more easily. Unlike the field players, the goalkeeper wears protective clothing and a helmet.

At Jungle-Speed ​​we play two variants:

  • Large field: A team consists of five men or women and a goalkeeper. The field is 40×20 meters, and three periods of 20 minutes are played.
  • Small field: A team consists of four field players: (women, men or mixed), without a goalkeeper. The field is about half the size and the rules are slightly modified. The game lasts three times 10 minutes.

Source: NeFUB, www.nefub.nl